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Zion NP Utah~~Kolob Canyon, La Verkin Creek

Lee's Pass~~LaVerkin Creek~~Kolob Arch
We did this ride on the way home from St. George. (It's about an hour north). First check in at the visitor's center. This is a ride best done in Spring or Autumn.  It gets extremely hot here in the summer. Our April ride had upper 70s for temperature.  They want to know how many riders and horses.  Groups are limited to 12.  Pay your entrance fee ($25) or free if you have a park pass. They will instruct you on the trails where horses are allowed and where to park, but it pays to do your research first and know exactly where you're going.  

Here is a link to Stock Use in Zion NP. Click on the link to "Wilderness Map" for an excellent map of Zion NP with the designated trails.  It is a PDF file and takes a minute to load.

Also check out the post on Hop Valley, which is an extension/turn off of this trail. I would not recommend doing the one way trip all the way through to Hop Valley Trailhead. It would not only require a shuttle, but there is a very steep and rocky climb to the valley.  Do-able, but not recommended.

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April 22, 2013, 14.24 mi (or more depending on how far you ride); max altitude 6,027; total elevation change 3,030 ft; trail conditions: 80% dirt  15% rock/gravel, 5% asphalt road depending on where you park.
Here is a link to GPS tracks with other helpful information:

Road from the Visitor's Center up to the Trailhead
Close up of the Visitor's Center.  Room enough to park your trailer while you register.

There are several pull outs where there is room enough for a horse trailer rig (or two or three). Probably best to drive to the turn around at the top of the road, so you're facing down canyon to park. There are not many places to turn around.


Parking area, Photo courtesy of Jon Tanner

Photo courtesy Janet Carver

Once you park, there will be a short ride on the asphalt road to get to the Lee's Pass trailhead and the La Verkin Creek Trail, which follows Timber Creek, then intersects with La Verkin Creek.  The La Verkin Creek Trail closes to horses after the Hop Valley turn off. (about 7 miles in).

Looking at the parking area... photo courtesy of Julie Heavirland

 This is a moderately strenuous ride with much elevation change. Horses need to be in fairly good shape.

Photo courtesy of Jon Tanner

Photo courtesy of Jon Tanner

Photo courtesy of Jon Tanner

Photo courtesy Janet Carver

Photo courtesy Janet Carver

Photo courtesy of Jon Tanner

 We didn't ride all the way to the Kolob Arch turnoff, but within a half mile of it.  Then, it is another quarter mile to the arch.  Horses are not allowed on that part of the trail.  They can be tied at a hitching rail if you want to make 
the hike.

Photo courtesy of Jon Tanner

Hiking on foot to Kolob Arch. Photo courtesy of Jon Tanner

Kolob Arch, Photo courtesy of Jon Tanner
Shady stop for lunch, just before the Kolob Arch turn off

It doesn't get much better than this...
Oh, yeah....THIS is what's it's all courtesy of Julie Heavirland

On the way courtesy of Julie Heavirland

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