Sunday, October 20, 2013

East Fork Black's Fork, Uintas, Utah

About 23 years ago, I backpacked into this area and didn't remember that much about it, except for the fabulous display of mushrooms on the way out.  Cowboy Bob has been up there several times since on hikes and has always wanted to ride it on horseback.  I was not looking forward to the 9 hour commuting time to get there and back just for a day ride, but I relented in a moment of weakness.  Glad we went, but would not do it again.  Too far away and there are better places to ride much closer.  The worst and most discouraging part was the last 8 miles of TERRIBLE, rocky, dusty road.  We averaged 5 MPH on that portion.

(Click on any photo for enlarged images.)

This photo doesn't  show realistically the bumpiness of the rocky road.  This is one of the better parts.

The route from Ogden, Utah.  There is a considerable drive through Wyoming.  Google says just over 3 hours, but it took us 4.5 hours because of  stops and bad roads.

Total Distance ridden:  11.65 miles; Maximum altitude: 10,029 ft; Ascent/descent=1,730 ft; Trail conditions: 50% dirt, 40% rocky, 5% extremely rocky, 5% water, bridges

There are about 8 or 10 camping spots with tables and outhouse. primitive camping, no fee. I have never seen anyone actually camping.  It is popular for horse packing, though.  It takes a day's ride to get into the lakes and fishing areas.

Horse feeders and tie stalls in each camp site.

Some beautiful forest riding.

Frequent water crossings.

Many rocks.

Some open meadows, but really rocky.

Nice to know that hang gliders aren't allowed.

And more rocks.

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