Thursday, October 10, 2013

Green Canyon, Cache Valley, Utah

The Green Canyon trail is a favorite of the Logan locals. It starts right on the edge of town, in the next canyon north of Logan Canyon. It's 4 miles and 1100 vertical feet to the spot where most riders turn around. If you want to push to the Mt Naomi Wilderness border, it will be 6+ miles each way with 1800 feet of climbing.  This trail is VERY busy on weekends, mostly with bikers.  Weekdays are lighter.  Autumn rides are most spectacular with the vibrant colors.   You can run a search on google maps or once you get to Logan on Main Street, turn east on 1800 North (there's a K Mart) and just follow the road up to the canyon.
  You CAN drive up the dirt road to begin your ride at the forest boundary where no motorized vehicles are allowed, but this takes about 40 minutes to drive 4 miles.  It's an option I would use if I were to venture higher into the Naomi Wilderness.  Eventually, the trail crosses a couple of mountain peaks and goes into Tony Grove.  (that's a 21 mile ride one way through some rough country.)

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Trailhead parking

Trail Conditions: 20% gravel/dirt road; 40% dirt; 40% rocks/rocky

Upper portion of trail


Wilderness boundary, October 26, photo by Teisha Preece

October riding

Entering the Mount Naomi wilderness

The trail was 70% dirt until reaching this rock field

We turned around shortly after this point, but the trail goes on and on for miles more up the mountain.

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  1. Your Horseback trail riding blog, is awesome. Gave me a good feel of what each trail is and where it is! Great job. I appreciate being able to use this! ~Ann