Saturday, October 25, 2014

Logan, Utah--High Creek

We rode this trail on October 22, 2014.  It definitely is worth a repeat.  I would love to do it in the summer and catch the wildflowers or again in the fall, but closer to Oct. 1 to catch the best colored leaves.  It is north of Logan.  Take the road that says "High Creek".  There is about 5 miles of dirt road before reaching the trailhead.  It is passable with a horse trailer, very rocky in spots.  There are spots all along the road where a rig could be parked.  We parked about 2 miles from the trailhead, but would opt FOR the trailhead if there is room.  Warning...the road is rocky and gravelly.  Shoes or boots are recommended for the entire trail.  The mileage to High Creek Lake is 5.1 from the trailhead.  We did not make it that far, but only to the meadow and beaver pond.

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For driving instructions google "High Creek, Richmond, Utah"
Showing the parking lot from Google maps
There is enough room for several trailers and room to turn around if no other vehicles are there.  In this case, the lot was full because of deer hunting season.

This shows the approximate track of where we rode.  We took a side venture up "Middle Fork" where the yellow arrow is.  This side trail leaves the water feature and we couldn't find the "water fall" mentioned on the sign.  Our ride included 4 miles of riding on the road plus a 2 mile detour.  I didn't get an accurate GPS track, but estimate our ride at between 13 and 14 miles and maybe a 1500' elevation change.  Trail conditions varied from very rocky to soft dirt.

Dirt road leading to the trailhead.

The trail was this rocky in about 20% of the ride.

Several creek crossings...

Riding along side a lovely water feature...

Love those trees!

Beaver pond about 3.5 miles in.

Photo by Teisha Preece

Photo by Teisha Preece
Photo by Teisha Preece

Photo by Teisha Preece

Photo by Teisha Preece

Photo by Teisha Preece


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