Sunday, October 6, 2013

Antelope Island, Lakeside Trail

Lakeside Trail is accessed from the White Rock Bay parking area.  Riding on the island is almost like a step back in time.  It often has a truly wild feel.  There are always wild life sightings.  We have seen coyotes, bison, deer, antelope.  Riding is limited to certain trails unless you are on the annual bison round-up.  The best times to ride the island are October, November, March and early April.  During the summer, the insects are unbearable.  Winter riding is great if there is very little or no snow.  We have ridden there in January.
Entrance fee is $10 per vehicle or $5 for seniors over 62.
There are some campground spots for horses at White Rock Bay.

(Click on any photo to open enlarged images.)

Total distance: 7.58 miles; Maximum altitude: 4,259 ft; Elevation change: 280 ft; Trail condition: 80% gravel/dirt mix, 20% rocky; Trail parking at White Rock Bay Campground, north side. 

These are a compilation of photos from two different rides, one in October, the other in November.

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