Sunday, April 13, 2014

East Fork of the Virgin, Utah

This was a great trail ride on our way to Kanab.  The parking is about 1/2mile off the highway.  Some good information on this website:

Remember, click on any photo for enlarged images.

Please park at the corral area.  Do NOT drive further in.  It is private property.  Even if you see other trucks and trailers parked by the home.  They are the owners.

Distance ridden=12.67 miles; Minimum altitude=4,774 ft; Maximum altitude=5,122 ft; Elevation change 1,570 ft.; Trail conditions=50% dirt road, 45% sand, 5%  rocky, approximately 10 water crossings

Close up showing parking and camping area.
Showing corrals.  Free dispersed camping is allowed here.  

Heading out on the dirt road.  You may encounter 4 wheelers, so be aware.

Here is a gate for the private property.  The truck/trailer shown parked is NOT one of our group.  Belongs to the property owners.

THIS IS AN IMPORTANT PHOTO.  It shows where to turn up to go up Bay Bill Canyon with the slots.  There is a fence to keep out 4 wheelers, but may be traversed at either end.  Keep a look out.

If you have made the correct turn, this is what you will be riding up.  You will have left the river and be riding up a sand roadway.

About a mile up, the slots begin.

It gets narrow in this area.  Please no more than 5 horses at a time here, or you will have trouble turning around.

What a great ride!

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