Sunday, October 26, 2014

Monte Cristo--Little Grand Canyon

This is another ride in the Monte Cristo area.  Google directions to Monte Cristo campground.  Take the 2nd left after the campground onto a dirt/gravel road.  No signs. Travel about one mile to a 4 way intersection.  Turn left.  There will be some "No trespassing" signs.  Do NOT park in this area.  It is private property.  Follow the road (Warning road is bumpy.  Do not attempt when muddy.) Go for about another 3/4 mile to a large, open meadow area where you can park.  Plenty of room.  There are several ways to get to the Little Grand from here.  We opted for mostly cross country.  Our ride was on September 1, 2014.  I would STRONGLY recommend a guide.  We had guides who had been there before and even they took a "wrong" turn, taking us bushwacking through a forest. Even though we've done it once and have a map, I am not sure I would trust my trail memory of where to turn. It is gorgeous country, worth doing at least once.

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Map showing the turn offs and parking area.
GPS track...this one was about 11.7 miles.  Minimum altitude=8,144', Maximum=8,998'.  Total ascent/descent=about 2,100'  Trail conditions:  Dirt roads and trails, about 15% rocky. 
Topo detail of the destination.  Davenport Hollow and Johnson Draw are actual names.  No where will you find "Little Grand Canyon" on a map of this area.  That's just a nickname.
Topo of our ride on September 1, 2014.  Although, this includes some scenic bushwacking, I think I would stick to the Davenport Hollow dirt road in the future.

  From the Weber County Pathways map.  It shows some road names and geographic features.

GPS track Jon Tanner (one way to do it)

  GPS coordinates for parking area: 41.2951730; 111.290250. 

Critical turn off:  41.524831, 111.498440

GPS for this shot: 41.3133160;111.3035164
Photo courtesy of Jon Tanner

Lunch on the overlook.

This is one view of the "Little Grand" Approximately 41.547677; 111.507634

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