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North Ogden, Bonneville Shoreline

Accessed from the North Ogden Equestrian Park  or the trailhead at 2750 N. Mountain Rd, North Ogden, Utah.  If you are coming from the freeway, take Exit 349, North Ogden, follow 2700 N. directly east until Mountain Road, then turn north.  The Equestrian parking is about a block north from the intersection.  We are fortunate to live within a mile of this trail head.  It is hot and exposed in the summer, but makes a decent mid-winter or spring ride.  Take a look at the other post on the Pioneer trail, also accessed from here.

(This trail now connects to a new portion which goes from "Pioneer" Trail south up the mountain and crosses Coldwater Canyon eventually connecting just above the trailhead on Mountain Road.  The portion crossing Coldwater IS NOT RECOMMENDED  for horses.  There are portions of the trail that are extremely narrow with steep, unforgiving drop offs.  No place to pass safely or even dismount or turn around.)

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Two different places to park for access to the Bonneville Shoreline, North Ogden Divide Trails, Pioneer Trail, etc. There is more room at the Equestrian arena.

Here is another trail accessible from the Parking detailed above.
This is an optional place to park to access the shoreline trail.  The address is 3400 N. 1050 E., North Ogden. 1050 E. goes directly north from 2600 N (The main road through North Ogden.) It shortens the ride, avoids some of the steeper drop offs and riding through orchards and subdivisions.  There is room for one or possibly two rigs here.

I have ridden this portion of the Bonneville Shoreline trail a few times and each time I tell myself...never again.  Not that it's that bad.   But, it's  rocky and dry with a few places with steep drop offs,  more suitable for the trail runners that frequent it.  Worth doing once, if you are ever in the area, especially in the spring when other higher trails are inaccessible.  There are some lovely vistas of the valley. 

This is a track of our January 25, 2014 ride.  We cut through the orchard north of  the trailhead to avoid the ice on the main trail.  Then, we cut through a subdivision and onto the access road, eventually connecting with the Shoreline Trail.  We rode a little ways on it, then veered off a trail that went west and connected to the top of 1050 E. Then followed that road down to the McGriff trail and back home.

Looking South at the trailhead parking from the orchard.
Bonneville shoreline Trail at the mouth of North Ogden Canyon

Photo courtesy of Ann Hyde

Bonneville Shoreline, Photo courtesy of Ann Hyde

Bonneville Shoreline, Photo courtesy of Ann Hyde
Bonneville Shoreline, Photo courtesy of Ann Hyde

Bonneville Shoreline, Photo courtesy of Ann Hyde

Taking a "short cut" up through the subdivision.

Access road from the subdivision

Photo courtesy of Ann Hyde, access road from the subdivision

Looking back out over North Ogden

Photo courtesy of Ann Hyde
Recently, we decided to try the trail from the Pleasant View Trailhead. I have always wondered about this part of the trail and now I know.  The directions and GPS coordinates are given below.  It is quite a journey to get to this trailhead.  You really need good directions.  Plus, we ran into a detour on 500 W.   Suggest using 900 W. if coming from the west.  Go north from Pleasant View Drive on 900 W. or north from Elberta Drive on 500 W.  The parking is at the end of a dirt road.  There is NOT much space!  We were able to turn around easily because there were no other vehicles.  It is not particularly horse trailer friendly.

From either 900 W or 500 W. turn east on 4300 N (not well marked). turn left (north) on 350 W to 4600 N. (dirt road).

This is a track of our ride.  We rode up to the power line road, turned west and rode to Pole Patch road, then came back and rode east on the power line road, which keeps to the right.  Eventually, you run into No Trespassing signs.  If you do, then try another trail to the north. The trail actually veers up to the north and you can connect into it. We didn't find it until we rode almost clear back to the trailhead.  Total mileage this ride=3.5.  70% dirt, 30% rocky. 

There is another nice trail that goes through some forest. It is the actual Bonneville Shoreline Trail. It goes up northwest from the power line road, then jogs back east, eventually connecting with the other doubletrack.
This is coming back on the "trail".  It is very close to power lines.  The wind was blowing and they were "humming" away.

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