Sunday, October 20, 2013

Snow Basin, Utah, Art Nord Trailhead

Updated June, 2016. The Wheeler Creek trails offer beautiful mountain vistas, aspen, oak and evergreen forests and some open dirt trail for possible cantering,  Available whenever the trails dry out (We rode up there on March 28, 2015, but the trail was too muddy to do the whole loop. )until mud and snow closes the trails. It is also extremely popular with mountain bikers. So, be prepared to encounter many bikes going either direction. This collection of photos encompasses rides from late March to November.  The East Wheeler creek portion of the trail is an easy ride can be done with barefoot horses. (Just a few rocky spots).  However, the Middle Fork portion is very rocky, alternating with lots of mud holes and ruts from bikes. Shoes or boots recommended here.

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There is an optional (but not recommended) way to get to the trailhead, parking just below Pine View Dam. Saves on driving. However, parking is limited there and almost no turn around room if you get hemmed in by cars. AND there have been vehicle break ins here.
If you go up the "old Snow Basin road", it is closed for traffic between the trailhead and Snow Basin due to road damage and does not go through to Snow Basin. 
There is a "short cut" through "Icebox Canyon", but I absolutely would not recommend riding horses through.  There are some steep and narrow places and I have heard "horror stories" of horse injuries there. 

This shows some optional parking and other trails.

You can access other trails from the Art Nord trailhead, such as the Sardine Peak and Overlook trails.  See my other post:

Wheeler Creek Trail; Total distance on this loop: 6.3 miles; Maximum altitude: 6,175 ft.; Ascent=1,087 ft, Descent=1,113 ft; Trail conditions: The East portion is 85% Dirt/gravelly, 15%, Rocky. The "Middle Fork" portion is 25% dirt, 50% rocky, 20% Extremely rocky, 5% mudholes and puddles .

Riding out from the Art Nord trailhead parking area, which can handle 3 or 4 trailers plus it usually has several cars. There is a restroom and hitching rail.

Riding in November

Middle Fork portion (one of the best parts)

In the background, is the damaged road that is not car accessible anymore.

Beaver ponds in late March on East Wheeler Creek--don't recommend riding in March.  Most years the trail is way too muddy and snowy.  This happened to be a "dry" year.

Have to admire the beaver architecture, late March

East Wheeler Creek near the top, late March
East Wheeler Creek in June

One of the best parts of the trail. East Wheeler Creek in June.

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