Sunday, October 20, 2013

Blacksmith Fork Canyon, Utah

Left Hand Fork

Trailhead: East of Hyrum on UT 101 about 6 miles to Lefthand Fork (of Blacksmith Fork) sign. Go slowly, the sign cannot be seen very far ahead. Turn left, cross a cattle guard, take the first left turn and park.
Elevation Start/Middle/End: 5300/7300/5200 feet
Length: 3 mi. to ridge, 3 mi more to the forest boundary road near Millville

Features: A relatively shady start through bigtooth maple, chokecherry, aspen, juniper and fir'.   
Trail Information: An intermittent stream flows in the lower part of Leatham Hollow, but the trail bypasses most of it. A number of switchbacks on the trail lead to the ridge. The trail becomes indistinct at the top, but the OHV road is quite evident. The lefthand fork goes west, downhill to Millville Canyon. ( We do NOT recommend riding on this road.  We nicknamed it "Hellville". Turn around and go back to the trailhead) The right-hand fork goes to Providence Lake, Logan Peak and Cowley Canyon.

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One place to park, but it requires riding in on an asphalt road for a half mile.

Optional place to park, closer to the trailhead.

Left Hand Fork (Leatham Hollow) Trail; Distance not tracked. We DO NOT recommend proceeding down the Millville Road.  It is steep, dusty and not very scenic.  We nicknamed it "Hellville".

Optional ride continuing up the Left Hand Fork Road

Up the Leatham Hollow Trail...a much more scenic trail through verdant forests.

With some spectacular views

Rock Creek (near Hardware Ranch) 
 For more information refer to:

There are a few gates...

And cattle guards

But, scenery is spectacular

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