Friday, October 11, 2013

Rattlesnake Trail, Wellsville, Utah

The name of this trail does not sound inviting, but we did not see any rattlesnakes.  Maybe someone did at one time.  What we saw was some gorgeous wilderness and some beautiful vistas of Cache Valley.  I have never seen so many ferns on one trail.  Are we in a lush tropical rain forest? 

 Access this one from Highway 89/91 out of Brigham City, past Mantua up Sardine Canyon.  The trailhead is on the north side of the highway.  Not much parking, but enough for a few trailer rigs.  There is a barricade along the middle of the road, so if you are coming from Brigham City, you must drive on into Wellsville to turn around.

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September 14, 2013; Total distance: 6.72 miles; maximum altitude: 6,114 ft; Trail conditions: 60% dirt, 30% gravel-dirt road, 10% rocky
There is another way to access this trail from Wellsville.  There is a small parking area in Wellsville.  However, it is on private property.  The property owners have been kind enough to allow access and a parking area.  There is room for maybe two rigs or about 5 cars.  PLEASE be respectful and take with you what you and your horses bring.  We have not actually ridden in from this area, yet, but the trail connecting to Rattlesnake is visible on the map. We rode partway down it last time.  Hoping to try it soon and will report.

Just entering the Wellsville Wilderness

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  1. So lush! Looks like a fabulous trail with breathtaking views. Thanks so much for sharing! And love your horses, btw!