Sunday, November 3, 2013

North Shore, Great Salt Lake, Utah

  Some photos of a trip out to the North Shore of the Great Salt Lake north of Spring Bay.  We have been out there twice for horseback rides.  The last time was in 2002. Anyway, that was 11 years ago.  Not sure what it's like now. The photos were taken at a higher lake level where we were able to ride in the water. 
 Good news= fun riding and galloping through the water and on the beach.
  Bad news= If riding IN the water, the tack becomes covered in corrosive salt, which must be immediately washed off when back in civilization. Not so much a problem if you stay on the wide expanse of sandy beach.  

 We were warned of quicksand to the west, closer to the fresh water springs, but never encountered any.
 The drive out there is mostly on unpaved roads, but there is a lot of solitude and almost nobody around. The driving time is over an hour from Ogden.    The lake is probably much lower now.  

(These photos were before digital. Thanks to Sheila Bowler for some of the photos. Click on any photo to open enlarged images.)

View from our parking area

Showing the road in relationship to the Golden Spike Nat'l Historical Site.

Close up showing where we parked.
Lots of beach riding...

Can you tell where water ends and sky begins?

The "pink" water is from salt water algae.

The salt "Hoodoos" are interesting...not quite sure what created them...maybe old fence posts??

Galloping in shallow salt water...

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