Sunday, April 13, 2014

Snake Gulch, Arizona

(Update as of June 20, 2016, please read before attempting to ride here: )

This was our second ride based out of Kanab, Utah.  We and our horses stayed at the Litl Bit Ranch  Great facility and wonderful hosts.  This ride is about half way between the north rim of the Grand Canyon and the Utah border.  Very remote.

For driving directions, GPS coordinates refer to:
This reference not only provides coordinates for trail heads and roads, but for the major pictograph sites.  This canyon has hundreds of pictographs, petroglyphs and some granaries.

Here is a link to GPS tracks and some other helpful descriptions:

For more photos and information:

Also  has some more information and photos.
  Click on any photo for enlarged images.

Almost there.  Some driving on gravel dirt road.

Parking area and dispersed camping allowed.  We parked here because we were told there wasn't enough parking at the trailhead.  There WAS enough parking, because of the ingenuity of the horsemen and their willingness to find parking among the sagebrush.

Actual parking area 4 miles from the photo above.  No facilities here.  Photo courtesy Julie Heavirland.

Mileage ridden=13.18; Maximum altitude=6,301 ft; Minimum altitude=5,267 ft;  Total ascent=2,525 ft; Total descent=3,025 ft.  Trail conditions: (actual trail) 70% sand/dirt, 30% rocky.  These statistics include only our ride, not the ride of the group.  We rode 4 miles down dirt road that we should have driven.  Thus, we only had time to ride in half the canyon.  In a future trip, we hope to ride the entire canyon.

The road that added 4 miles to the trip.  We ended up not having to ride back up, because Cowboy Bob hitched a ride with someone else and came back down with the trailer.

The trail begins.  Keep in mind, this is best done in spring or autumn.  No shade and no water.

Entering the Kanab Creek Wilderness

Our first sighting of pictographs.

Our second sighting of Pictographs and where we stopped for lunch.

Table rock further into the canyon.  Most of the group stopped here for lunch.  Photo courtesy of Julie Heavirland.
Photo courtesy of Julie Heavirland
Headed back out

In the middle  portion of the photo, you can see the trailers parked at the trailhead.

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