Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Grand Canyon, Master Muleteer 2009

Academy of Honorable GRAND CANYON MULETEERS, North Rim Trails and Extremities
Henceforth, Dreampacker, from this day forth shall be known as a GRAND CANYON MULETEER, owing to valor, Prowess, Skill and team work with the trusty mount, "Big Mac". Together, this day of May 23, 2009, they descended the mighty maw, soaring walls and narrow trail, all while displaying unwavering bravery, benevolence and valor. Be it never forgotten on this day, that mule and woman descended and ascended in the Grand Canyon, North Rim and thus shall be entitled to accolades, hosannas and bragging rights heretofore forever conferred.

(click on any photo to open a slide show of enlarged images.)  To book your own mule ride at the North Rim see:

The weather, the places-- it all comes together for an amazing once in a lifetime Experience. Most spectacular was the weather...the fog, the clouds, rain.

It was like we stepped into a fantasy movie...except the special fog effects were real.

My favorite shot of Muleteer Bob and Fred....

Otherworldly, mystical, wow....

Looking down the trail from Supai Tunnel... In 30 seconds, this was all socked in with fog.

Wranglers Diana and Dan swap stories with Storyteller Bob...The other mule riders on our tour were a 75 year old lady and a young couple from China.

North Rim, Point Imperial..taken after our mule ride...what a magical day.

Here is a link to "mule" adventures on the South Rim:

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