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North Fork Bicentennial Trail, Utah

This is one of our very favorite trails.  Can be ridden from about mid-April whenever the snow is gone to October 31 when it closes. It is accessed through the Cutler Flats camp area part of North Fork Park, Weber County, Ogden Valley, Eden, Utah.  This campground is not open to horses, but there is a parking area and corrals on the edge. The trail begins as the North Fork River Trail with a turn off for the Bicentennial.  It goes through national forest and private property.   A little bit of everything...some vista views, mountain views, amazing oak and maple forests, tall evergreens, open spot roadways for cantering, sagebrush fields, water features (reservoir, streams and even beaver dams).  It is a favorite of hikers and bicyclists, too, although it never gets really crowded. This is one of the trails accessible if you choose to camp at the North Fork Horse Campground. (see the map.)  Our route usually encompasses the Bicentennial trail AND/Or the North Fork River Trail. There is now a connector trail from Cutler Flats to the Mule Shoe Trail called the "Mule Back" or just "Short Cut to Cutler Flats".  Here is the link to the post on that trail. Mule Ear/Mule Shoe Trail
Maps and more information can be found at:

An interactive map of trails in Weber County is available here:  (Be sure and use the Zoom feature to get close up on the map.)

(Click on any of the photos to open enlarged images.)
Heading out on the North Fork River Trail. (Private property, but given hiking and riding privileges.)
Same place as photo above, but different year

There are now horse corrals on the east edge of this parking area.

There is plenty of parking.  This area is East and North of the "East Bowery" at Cutler Flats, close to the Mule Back connector trail, which connects to the Mule Shoe trail.
Distance can be anywhere from 5-6 miles depending on which parts of the trail taken; Maximum elevation: 6,301 ft. Total ascent/descent is about 1,100 ft.; Trail conditions: 30% dirt, 40 % gravel-dirt road, 30% rocky...again depending on which part of the trail.  The rockiest part of the trail as of 2015 is the Cutler Creek portion.

This is a view of the campground showing the trailer parking area in the background.
Trail access...around a private gate.

North Fork River Trail
Optional stream crossing...good practice on the NF River Trail

Another optional stream crossing on the NF River Trail

Riding in Mid-October

Hidden "hut" just off the trail.

Mid October by Cutler Creek
Cutler Flats area campground  
Heading out on the NF River Trail

Bicentennial trail intersects North Fork River Trail

View from Cutler Flat
Moose in Utaba Reservoir 
Utaba Res at a low point, summer of 2012

Almost always see a moose on this trail

The autumn colors can be spectacular.

Tall evergreens and lush meadows, Bicentennial trail
June 1, 2016

June 1, 2016, Love this part of the trail

 Ferns and sagebrush growing together, very rare.  Usually ferns like some dampness and shade.  Here they are in full sun. This is on the NF River Trail.

Bicentennial trail

NF River Trail

Another place where the Bicentennial trail intersects with the NF River trail.

Cantering Lane on NF River Trail

Cantering lane on NF river trail

Cutler Creek branch of the Bicentennial Trail
Near Cutler Creek...We call this part "The Cathedral".

NF River Trail

Seasonal beaver pond, 2008, NF River Trail

There are now some new signs as of 2015.  This one is located at the "meadow" where the Cutler Creek arm and the Bicentennial intersect.

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