Friday, October 25, 2013

Cobble Creek, South Fork, Utah

This one's a good trail for Spring riding as it is a south facing slope and dries out sooner than some of the other trails.   Parking is at an area just outside the South Fork (of the Ogden River) campground on the south side of the road. (the one up to Causey Dam and Monte Cristo.) Caution:  This is over some privately owned land, then on up to national forest. There is a private campground.  If you ride here, please stay away from the campground.  I would highly recommend a guide if you have not been there before.

Here is the track for our ride on May 3, 2014.  Distance: 10.84 miles; Minimum Altitude=5,255 ft; Maximum altitude=7,085 ft; Total ascent/descent=2,230 ft. Trail conditions=depends on route selected.  Can be up to 70% rocky/dirt roads.  Most places are somewhat rocky.  Shoes or boots are recommended for horses.  We did a considerable amount of "bush wacking" over sage and brush.  Some steep inclines, water crossings and ditches. Not a ride for beginners unless you stick strictly to the roadways.

(click on any photo for enlarged images.)

View of parking area from where the trail begins.

Heading up the road to the Private camp.

Here is a critical junction.  Do NOT take the road to the left.

Some stream crossings.

Near the "top" at around 7,000 ft.  A nice place for lunch except the "grass" was wild onions and the horses wouldn't eat it.

Still some snow banks in early May.

A little bit of red dirt riding.

We attempted a "short cut" instead of sticking to the road.  Big mistake.  If you see this view, Turn Back.  The terrain is rough, full of sharp brush, sticks and rocks with basically no trail.  One of the horses was injured with a bad cut on his leg due to either a rock or sharp branch.

First ride on April 21, 2012....

This is our approximate track done on April 21, 2012.  I estimate the loop as about 9 miles.We did some cross country bushwacking and up some steep hills...did not always follow the trail/roads.  We rode it counter-clockwise.

Don did some trail clean-up.  Somebody's balloon release.

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