Sunday, October 26, 2014

Strawberry Creek, Utah

What a great place to ride! Aspen and evergreen forests, water features such as beaver ponds and streams, wide and stunning vistas.  About a 2 hour drive from Salt Lake or Ogden.  Google instructions for Daniel's summit Lodge, Highway 40 out of Heber.  Basically, it's the first left after the lodge.  State road 049 on Google.  Travel north about 7 miles until you reach a large meadow area with cattle corrals.  This is where you park.  Plenty of room.  There are many options.  It would helpful to have a guide the first time.  
Here is a link to a video:

Click on any photo for enlarged images.

Mileage for the loop=about 10.5.  Minimum altitude=8,150'; Maximum altitude=9,997'; Ascent/descent=2,625'
Trail conditions:75% dirt, 25% somewhat rocky.  We rode up Mill B ridge, then crossed over on the trail towards Current Creek Peak, then down Willow Creek draw, crossed back over the same trail, then back down Shingle Mill Hollow.  
We rode this on September 13, 2014.

This was our route on July 22, 2016.  Almost 13 miles.  We rode UP Shingle Mill Hollow, then took a ridge route towards Current Creek Peak, then down Willow Creek draw and  down Mill B ridge.  Our ascent/descent was over 2,800'.  I would still call the trails 75% dirt, 20% rocky and 5% really rocky.  My horse did it barefoot with no boots.

This is the view from a side trip we took while waiting for others to arrive, looking at the corrals and parking area.

Corrals and parking area, Photo courtesy of Monica Zoltanski

Corrals, Photo courtesy of Monica Zoltanski

Stop for a watering break at a stock tank

Heading towards a watering tank and area for a lunch break.

Dropping down into Willow Creek

You may run into cattle.

One of several beaver ponds on Willow Creek

Corrals on the Willow Creek Ditch road

Photo by Jon Tanner.  This is between Willow Creek and the Shingle Mill Hollow.

Shingle Mill Hollow

Just about back to the parking area
Photo by Monica Zoltanski, taken in late July.  Not sure which trail, but it is spectacular.

Updated photos from a July 22 ride.  Notice how much "greener" things are.
Headed UP Shingle Mill Hollow.  This is a less traveled trail. Literally TONS of deadfall and numerous stream crossings.

Shingle Mill Hollow--deadfall both in the air and on the ground.

Shingle Mill Hollow

Up on a ridge going from Shingle Mill hollow towards Current Creek Peak.  Breathtaking views of the mountains, including Timpanogas.

Nice place for a lunch stop with a spring fed watering hole.

The clouds cooperated just right to get this dramatic shot getting ready to head down Willow Creek draw from Current Creek Peak.

Looking down Willow Creek.  Strawberry Reservoir in the distance.

 Willow Creek draw

Beautiful aspen forest...

40°20'59.9"N 111°10'55.0"W


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  2. Hi Judy!! Where do you live? I found your video of your curly gaited mare for sale 2 years ago. Did you sell her? That got me digging on your other videos and amazing rides!! My children live in Salt Lake City Utah and we have hiked/ran the Mill creek Canyon so it was so cool seeing that video. Just wanted to say HI and also see if by chance that gaited curly was still for sale. =] My email is: (I live in Michigan. )