Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Harriman State Park, Idaho

Normally, we ride our own horses.  But, we were coming home from Yellowstone and decided to stop and rent horses at Harriman State Park.  Never heard of it before, other than passing signs on the road.  Wow, what a gem!  Lovely forests, lily-pad covered lakes and ponds, broad view vistas of the Tetons.  We rode with Dry Ridge Outfitters.  What a great crew of guides and horses.  Highly recommended.  Here is their website for more information. http://www.dryridge.com/packtrip-harriman.php

You can ride your own horses there, too. Beautiful country and much more accessible than trying to ride in Yellowstone.  If it were closer to us, we would be riding up there several times a season!  There is horse trailer parking.  A daily fee of $6.  Horse camping is not available in the park, but dispersed camping is allowed in the National Forest to the south.  Haven't checked it out, but appears to be a lot of country there.

(Click on any photo for enlarged images)

We chose the 2 hour ride with guide, William.  This scene is typical of the entire ride.

Showing the route to get there from SR 20 between Ashton and Island Park.

Our GPS tracks of our 2 hour ride.  Approximately 5.5 miles.  Minimum altitude: 6,060 ft, maxium, 6,205 ft.  Trail conditions: 98% dirt, 2% rocks, gravel and bridges.

Waiting their turn....all ready for you!

Lovely meadows...
Cowboy Bob and his horse, Homer.

Lakes and wildlife



And more vistas

Me and my "Boy named Sue"

Help from our guide, William.

Sigh......what beauty

This meadow is famous for moose sightings.

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