Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Boulder Creek, Wyoming

This is a pleasant ride with not much elevation change.  Definitely worth a come back in the future. We made it a short ride of about 7 miles round trip.  I understand from talking to others that we "missed" the best parts.  The trail goes on up much further with even more spectacular scenery and water features.  It is 25 miles from Pinedale, WY.  Google directions to "Boulder Lake Campground".  Thanks to Teisha Preece for most of these photos.  Click on any photo to open an enlarged image.
 There is about 9 miles of very decent dirt road to get to the trailhead. 

Distance ridden: 7 miles; Min Altitude=7,247'; Maximum altitude=7,661'; Ascent/descent=770'; trail conditions=some dirt/gravel road, 60% dirt,  rocky in many spots; a couple of bridges over river crossings

We had to ride on the "road" for about 1/2 mile before hitting the trail.

Sign for the trail turn off

Much of the trail looks like this.

Yay..."still" water feature with bridge.

We were pleasantly surprised by this beaver pond with water lilies...spectacular!

Loved this part of the trail

One of the river accesses about 3.5 miles in where we had lunch.

Lots of fun places for boy and dog to play.

We found another water access with gravelly bottom, perfect for "playing" in the water.

We found a "short" cut on the way back to the parking lot...a trail heading steeply up the hillside, then turned into this path.

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